We live in an always-on world

Consumers are looking for information every day, scrolling their feeds for the latest hit of information or entertainment. They don’t wait until tentpole holidays to make purchasing decisions — even if those are the times they spend the most money. Their tastes and preferences are honed by their daily interactions: the ads they see, the articles they read, the images they see on Instagram and offhand comments from their friends.

For brands to get ahead in this information-rich environment, they need an engagement strategy that stands out from the crowd — and reaches consumers as part of their day-to-day lives.

This is where content comes in. High-quality, authentic, always-on content taps into consumers’ needs and desires, and ties your brand to solutions and inspiration they can rely on. Done right, content helps you build a trusted relationship with potential customers — so when the time comes to make a purchase, they know where to go.

The sweet spot

We create content with two distinct — but overlapping — customer journeys in mind



Content that works for both

Why words matter

It’s a fact of business: You’re out there competing with thousands (if not millions) of other brands, all striving to earn consumers’ attention.

Ponder this: every minute of every day, people send 188 million emails, Giphy serves nearly 5 million GIFs, Instagram users upload more than 55,000 posts and Google conducts almost 5 million searches.

What will make you stand out? It’s a big question. To start, we invite you to think of your favourite brands. Consider what makes them great. We’re willing to bet that — along with stellar products and services — they serve first-class personality. The way they communicate, from their social feeds to their 404-page copy, connects with you on a human level.

Words are extremely powerful. A clear, consistent brand voice makes you accessible. A compelling, well-told story brings your personality to life. Nail them both and you’re connecting with customers on an emotional level. When emotions are triggered, people respond with engagement and investment — of both time and money.

What you say to your customers at every stage of their experience with you is the most important tool in your marketing tool box. Well-chosen words can propel your brand’s products or services from merely available to likeable, reachable and covetable. Words inspire trust. Let’s get them right.